Welcome to thenGodsaid.com.

We've designed this site to provide you with a single source where you can learn more more about God, Jesus and the Bible.

In our Bible Handbook section we have several different Bible translations, several commentaries and a great deal of information about each Book of the Bible. We also have an unique layout that allow you to see all the information in movable, resizable windows. It's our version of a free Bible research program and it's the only one on the internet.

Don't overlook the Daily Bible Reading section, where we've set up an Online Bible reading plan to help you (and us) to read through the Bible in one year. We know how difficult it is to read through the Bible, and with the Daily Bible Reading we've tried to make it much easier and more convenient.

And if you just stumbled into our community, we're very glad that you found us.

So, take some time, look around, have some fun, and again, welcome to thenGodsaid.com


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